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Protective Styling and Length Retention

Published August 2, 2013 by CurlyHeadedGirl

I always get alot of questions about protective styling and ways to reduce breakage.

The reason for protective styling it to give the hair a break from the everyday manipulation. All of the combing, pulling, brushing, and constant touching is what causes the majority of breakage.

Protective styling gives your hair a chance to grow without damage and breaking. A protective style can last from a couple of days to serval months.

Some people think that because you have a protective style you dont have to worry about your hair. YOU HAVE TO MAINTAIN YOUR HAIR WHILE IT IS IN A PROTECTIVE STYLE.

I prefer to use a  mixture of oils, leave in conditioner, and water in my trusty dusty spray bottle. (Every curly girl should own a spray bottle.) You have to make sure that your hair is not DRY while is it being PROTECTED. If you leave your hair dry while it is in your PS, it will cause your hair to break and fall out when you decide to remove your PS.

HAIR SHEDS NATURALLY EVERYDAY, no matter how good you are to your hair.

So when you take out your protective style expect to see some shedding. As long as the hairs don’t have a cuticle (white tip) attached you are in the clear. Shedding doesn’t always mean breakage.

Types of Protective Styles

Senegalese Twist

Box Braids (Poetic Justice Braids) 

Marley Braids

Weaves (Quick or Sew-In)



Kinky Twists

Types of Low Manipulation Styles

Low manipulation styles gives you a chance to let your hair breath for a while without having to touch or comb it. Can be done with natural hair, no weave needed.

Twist (Which can stay for a while and can be taken down for a twistout)

Braids (Can also be taken out for a braidout)

Flexi Rods


Roller Sets

And so many more…!!!

Other Tips

Deep condition EVERY week (This is the hardest one for me personally)

Protien treatments monthly

Do not comb or detangle dry hair

Pay attention to your hair, what works for some may not work for you.