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Just to Straighten Out a Few Things

Published October 3, 2013 by CurlyHeadedGirl

There has been some misconceptions regarding my blog.

The information I post is for anyone that has curly hair. Black, white, brown, purple or green. I honestly don’t care what nationality you are. I am stopped everyday by white girls with curly hair just like mines that want advice about their curls.

Yes my blog is called Curly Headed Black Girls. So? I’m Black (not African-American… I’ve  never been to Africa.) and the friend that was supposed to help with my blog is black. Which is why I named it the way i did. Even if you are “Other” you can still have kinky, curly, nappy hair.

So please feel free to ask any and everything that you can think of about your hair.


Newest Hair Experiment

Published August 11, 2013 by CurlyHeadedGirl

Okay so… 3 days ago I started my Hairfinity regimen. I ironed out my hair, for the first time in a almost a year. It was the first time that I had actually done an official length check on my hair since I faded it last summer. it was a little past my shoulders. I was so excited until I seen that my ends were completely ate up and over processed from dying my hair its signature honey blonde color. The only section that was fine was my reverse Wiz Khalifa patch. SMH. So I called my beautician and she found a place to squeeze me in (on a Saturday) for a basic trim and iron out. She cut off about a inch, and it looked so much better.

Before the trim


Post Trim (Hairfinity Day 2)

So in about 8 weeks I will be going back to get the rest of the processed hair trimmed off and I will be back on track with my healthy hair journey.

So… I have “good” hair???

Published July 30, 2013 by CurlyHeadedGirl

According to the Urban Dictionary Good Hair” is defined as:

A popular term in the African-American community, used to describe a black person’s hair that closely resembles the hair of a typical white person (i.e. soft, managable, long, as opposed to “nappy” or “bad” hair). The closer your hair is to a white person’s, the “better” your hair is. See: “bad hair”. Note: Most people who use this term would never admit the inferiority complex from which it came.

This is the best definition I have seen. However, in my mind all hair is good. Seriously, my hair is good for me and your hair is good for you; its relative.


Franklin Elementary School

Gary, IN

Summer of 1995

I never thought of my hair as “good”. I mean I knew that I had long hair. I obviously knew that my hair was longer than everyone else’s, and my hair wasn’t straight like the other black girls around me. I took for me to grow up to realize that my curls were beautiful. Fourth grade I begged and begged my mother for a perm. That summer she decided that I was old enough for a “texturizer.” (For those of you that don’t know a texturizer is perm just called something else to make people think it’s not as harsh.) I LOVED IT!!! My hair was straight! Bone straight! Not a curl in sight!




8th Grade

So I’m now living with my father, stepmother, and stepsister. This was possibly the worst hair year that I have her had in my 25 years on earth. My step mother and sister would go to the salon every week, religiously, to get their hair done. But ME??? OH NO! I would get a box perm once every 4 months, slap it on my roots, and throw on a skully and call it a day. My father hated it, with a passion. One day as my step mom and sister were getting ready to go to the beauty shop, my father looked at me with a straight face and said I was going to get a hair cut. I was like cool I could use a trim. No… He meant a real full blow hair cute. He wanted me to cut off all my lovely nappy locks. So I went and I told her to only cut the top and leave the back long. Yes ladies and gents, I requested a MULLET! IT WAS HIDEOUS. But I got my point across, and continued to wear skully’s every single day.

Summer 2007

My first big chop.

I had went though the process of transitioning to natural. I can’t really recall why it was that I stop getting perms. I think it was just out of pure laziness. I went and chopped my BSL hair completely off,  into the cutest bob that you would ever see!


Present Time

Since my first big chop my hair has been chopped, permed, and chopped again. My last “huge” chop was about a little over a year ago. It was one of the hottest summer on record. I woke up and my head felt like it was on fire. I had already faded half of  my hair, in a moment of mild depression. So it was nothing for me to take my clippers and shave the other half of my hair off and go back to sleep.

And today my hair is shoulder length, healthy, and gorgeous. I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal length of bra strap length. I hope that you all will enjoy this journey with me, and get all the tips that you need to start or continue your own healthy curly girl journey.