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Hair Experiment Results

Published October 14, 2013 by CurlyHeadedGirl

As I told you all I was doing a little Hairfinity experiment. And the results are…. I haven’t really seen that big of a difference in the growth of my hair. I dyed it so that I would be able measure the new growth and it was about the same amount of growth as it was before.


Just to Straighten Out a Few Things

Published October 3, 2013 by CurlyHeadedGirl

There has been some misconceptions regarding my blog.

The information I post is for anyone that has curly hair. Black, white, brown, purple or green. I honestly don’t care what nationality you are. I am stopped everyday by white girls with curly hair just like mines that want advice about their curls.

Yes my blog is called Curly Headed Black Girls. So? I’m Black (not African-American… I’ve  never been to Africa.) and the friend that was supposed to help with my blog is black. Which is why I named it the way i did. Even if you are “Other” you can still have kinky, curly, nappy hair.

So please feel free to ask any and everything that you can think of about your hair.